Zu Warriors (2001)

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Original Titles: Shu shan zheng zhuan
Genres: Fantasy, Action,
Release Date: 2001-08-09
Language: 普通话
Production Company: Film Workshop
Country: China
Runtime: 104 min

King Sky (Ekin Cheng), the sole disciple of the Kun Lun Sect, falls in love with his master Dawn (Cecilia Cheung). Dawn is killed when Insomnia destroys the Kin Lun Mountain. King Sky waits for two hundred years and meets Enigma (Cecilia Cheung), who is the reincarnation of Dawn, and in love with her again. However, Insomnia’s Blood Clouds is ready to destroy Zu…

Director: Tsui Hark
Producer: Anant Singh
Writer: Tsui Hark
Editor: Marco Mak Chi-Sin
Stars: Ekin Cheng (King Sky), Louis Koo (Red), Cecilia Cheung (Dawn / Enigma), Kelly Lin (Amnesia), Zhang Ziyi (Joy), Wu Jing (Ying), Sammo Hung (White Eyebrows), Liu Xun (Master Transcendental), Patrick Tam (Thunder), Wu Gang (Hollow),

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