28 Days Later… (2002)

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Original Titles: 28 Days Later…
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction.
Release Date: 2002-10-31
Language: Español
Production Company: DNA Films
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 113 min

Twenty-eight days after a killer virus was accidentally unleashed from a British research facility, a small group of London survivors are caught in a desperate struggle to protect themselves from the infected. Carried by animals and humans, the virus turns those it infects into homicidal maniacs — and it’s absolutely impossible to contain.

Director: Danny Boyle
Producer: Andrew Macdonald
Screenplay: Alex Garland
Editor: Chris Gill
Stars: Cillian Murphy (Jim), Naomie Harris (Selena), Brendan Gleeson (Frank), Megan Burns (Hannah), Christopher Eccleston (Major Henry West), Noah Huntley (Mark), Christopher Dunne (Jim's father), Emma Hitching (Jim's mother), Luke Mably (Private Clifton), Stuart McQuarrie (Seargent Farrell),

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