Love the Hard Way (2003)

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Original Titles: Love the Hard Way
Genres: Romance, Drama, Crime.
Release Date: 2003-03-27
Language: English
Production Company: Vif Babelsberger Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. Dritte KG
Country: Germany
Runtime: 85 min

Claire, a brilliant student, seeks answers to the meaning of life in the calm of her biology laboratory. One day, she meets a mysterious young man, Jack, at the cinema, and is intrigued by his style, assurance and audacity. Apart from his artistic activities, Jack has a regular scam going, ripping off foreign businessmen with his loyal mate Charlie and two actresses. But his tough guy exterior conceals a secret passion for old books, and he dreams of writing a novel one day. Jack falls hard for Claire’s purity and curiosity. An unusual romance develops between them. But Jack is scared of their growing intimacy and rejects Claire, withdrawing into his shell. Abandoned and confused, Claire gradually begins to neglect her studies and embarks on a spiraling course of self-destruction, whilst Jack, who tries to ignore her, concentrates on his criminal activities. However, a sharp detective, named Linda Fox, is following his dodgy tracks.

Director: Peter Sehr
Producer: Wolfram Tichy
Writer: Peter Sehr
Editor: Christian Nauheimer
Stars: Adrien Brody (Jack Grace), Charlotte Ayanna (Claire Harrison), Jon Seda (Charlie), August Diehl (Jeff), Pam Grier (Linda Fox), Liza Jessie Peterson (Pam), Elizabeth Regen (Sue), Katherine Moennig (Debbie), José Rabelo (Cook), Joey Kern (Fitzgerald),

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